What do I need to ask my Event Organizer?

What do I need to ask my Event Organizer?

One of the most frustrating things as an Event organizer is vendors who put no forethought into getting ready for the event.

One of the most frustrating things as a vendor is when the event organizer puts no forethought into establishing guidelines for the vendors coming to that show.


Do you need guidelines?

Exhibitors — Guidelines will help prevent the unexpected and forgetting vital information that you may need.

Event Organizer — Guidelines will cause YOU less headache and provide a smoother experience for your customers – exhibitors, and for the attendees.


In late 2015, a local remodeling contractor, ask for help getting his expensive mobile showroom, which was sitting around gathering dust into local festivals, fairs & expos. 

Since this was not something I had ever done, I asked for time to do some research and see if this was potentially possible. After my due diligence, I indeed saw an assortment of festivals and fairs. At the end of the first year, we had found over 100+ shows in our area.

After conferring with the client, we decided to move forward with this endeavor.

The next step was to learn more about the mobile showroom. In particular, I needed its specs. 

I’m sure that you have seen those walk-through showrooms at trade shows and other events. They are large! 

I needed to make sure that the shows we were interested in could accommodate. This in a not traditional sized spaced vendor booth. 

Secondly, the space had to be easily accessible; otherwise, an already complicated task could be impossible.


With each city festival or trade show, I learned a little more about the logistics of working with a large piece of equipment. 

Some went excellent, while others were — ‘Well, we know better next time.’ 

We found that it was necessary to scope out festivals we had never attended, much less had set up the mobile showroom there.

At one, we were given a spot out of the path of the festival-goers. Hardly anyone made a detour to our showroom. That show was a bust for us.

That said, we had some setup experiences that were well planned. These event organizers knew what they were doing.

One of the best experiences was at one of our neighboring city’s annual outdoor Spring Festival. The client was excited to attend this event because he had done so well the previous year. 

Because we had a large vehicle set-up for our vendor booth, a set up time was assigned. This allowed the bigger vendor booths and equipment in before the 8×8 exhibitors showed up to set up. Even the smaller vendor booths participants had a time allotted for set up. 

The whole experience was less congested and not a scramble-fest to get in and dump your booth equipment and merchandise. 

All in all, the event organizer managed very well, a complicated coordination effort that could have been a chaotic disaster. 

As the person handling the set up of this mobile showroom, it was necessary to think of logistics beforehand. 


My remodeler wanted to explore towns outside of our large city. We decided to explore up to 200 miles out of our area.

We learned a lot. Our biggest take away we had to think about the time involved in transporting that big showroom to the location. 

One of the shows we tried was a 3-day event, which added another level that the staff had to be put up overnight in a hotel.

Additionally, we had to inquire if there was security on the festival grounds overnight for our property.

I am a checklist person; the first thing I did was create a checklist of what I needed to ask the event organizer. 

We also have a vendor’s checklist for the booth, What Do I Need on the Day of My Event?


My recommendation, if you have an odd-sized setup, contact the event organizer before purchasing your booth.

What do you need to know before signing up as a vendor?

    1. Is this an outdoor or indoor event?
      a.If there is a choice, what is your preference? Know this ahead of time.
      What is their policy in case mother nature has other plans
    2. Where is the show located?
      Know how far away you are willing to travel.
      Is it a multi-day event? Will you stay overnight in the area?
          i. Will they provide security for your property?
    3. Is there a specific entrance and parking for vendors?
    4. If set up arrival time is not clearly stated in Event documentation, reach out to the Event Organizer.
    5. What about booth logistics?
      Don’t assume that the Event Organizer will know who your competition is. Do you want to be beside or across from your competition? Ask.
      Will your booth be in the traffic area?
    6. How many vendors is the Event Organizer planning?
      Is there an overflow area? (you don’t want to be in an overflow area unless they will be directing traffic into the overflow area -ask)
    7. How many attendees have they had in the past?
    8. How many attendees are they expecting?
    9. What are the demographics of the attendees? Women, family, men, singles?
    10. How quickly do they sell out their vendor spots? (there is what they tell you and the realty)
      If they say they are sold out, ask if there is a waiting list?
      Do you want to be told at the last minute you have a spot?
    11. How do you apply for a vendor spot?
    12. How do you pay for a vendor spot?
    13. Does the event organizer restrict business multiple brand names and/or types of business.
      i.e., Not having two MaryKay reps or not having two roofers.
      Does their form ask what you will be selling?
    14. Is there any other reason you could not be accepted? (past no booths left and the show restricts by brand/type of business )
    15. How will the Event Organizer Market this event? 

Our goal at Find Vendor Booths is to provide the right marketing information.

The information that helps you make an educated decision.

‘Is this the right show for me and my business.’

Our members get access to a procured list of events. 

We populate the events we list with marketing information that is mentioned in the above checklist. 

Here is ‘what is currently available on Find Vendor Booths procured list of events.’

We identify 

  • The audience (attendees) that will be attending
  • The type of exhibitors that the event organizer is requesting

We include:

  • How to apply for the vendor booth
  • A description of the event
  • Event location


We have future plans to expand new features and marketing information for the Find Vendor Booths procured list of events.’

We will be gathering additional marketing information to add to each event.

  • The number of attendees expected this year.
  • The number that attended last year.
  • How many in total vendor booth spots

If you live in the Memphis area and would like to gain access to the procured list, click the button below.

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