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How would you like to gain a significant portion of your TIME and ENERGY back?

  • Are you frustrated with acquiring customers/selling merchandise and, even more so, finding viable events to acquire customers/sell merchandise?
  • Do your potential customers know who you are or that you are in business? As a new, or nearly new, business are you having difficulty finding ways to brand yourself in a particular marketing niche? Do you find yourself not having enough time to find and locate events with vendor booths?
  • Are your customers unfamiliar with one of your most lucrative services/products?
  • Are you OVERWHELMED and frustrated because finding events is extremely time-consuming? 

If you answered yes to any, or all, of those questions, Find Vendor Booths will be a great investment for you and your business. You will benefit in 3 ways-- 1. Going to relevant events found on our website will help you easily acquire new customers, 2. You will find our website contains many events at varied locations for selling your merchandise or giving out information, and 3. Our team at Find Vendor Booths will be doing all of the research and inquiries so you will have more time to focus on the areas where you make money.

“The most significant killer of getting and keeping your customers is NOT the lack of customer, but the lack of time.”

What You Get:

You will gain special access to an extensive list of events, expos, shows, fairs, and festivals in the greater Mid-South area with vendor booths available. The list will be categorized for your convenience. The categories include, but are not limited to, weddings, business, arts & crafts, fine arts, food, music, health & wellness, and seniors.

Are you ready to save yourself a lot of time?

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This first version is very simple and basic. Yet, it is populated with the right information to locate your next vendor event in the Greater Memphis Area.

Check out a sample* of Find Vendor Booths' Event List

*This example is less the 1% of the comprehensive list. 

Your Investment:

  • Your membership gives you access to the next 12 months of events in your region.
  • Payment is $144 paid up front.

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