ROI of Activation Marketing at Your Next Event

ROI of Activation Marketing at Your Next Event

In this episode, host Gina Davis is back with women exhibitors from the eWomen Conference and Expo 2019. Her interviewees share their result from creating an Activation Experience this year. Interviews with Susan Marie, Women of Justices, Legal Shield and Julia Bernadsky, founder + artist for Untamed Hearts.

Things you will learn in this episode:
  • 2 exhibitors from the eWomen Conference & Expo share their wisdoms.
  • Talk about creating an experience for the attendees.
  • They discuss the ROI – return on investment that creating an experience resulted in.

Our Guest Exhibitor Interviewees:


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Susan Marie is a second-generation, 12-year practicing attorney when she was first introduced to LegalShield. She was transitioning from her practice, so she could more spend time with her then toddler-aged children when she immediately recognized the collective buying power of the subscription model and became a referral partner. Now 17 years later, 4 of Susan Marie and her husband Curtis’ 6 children work as referral partners with them, and Susan Marie proudly serves as one of the National Ladies of Justice Committee Members. Susan Marie and Curtis lead a team of independent associates across North America. Outside of LegalShield, Susan Marie is an active BNI member; she enjoys Zumba, travel, and stay tuned for her book release scheduled for 2020!

Connect with Julia Bernadsky

Julia Bernadsky / Founder + Artist

Julia business, Untamed Hearts came about, when tired of corporate life. She left her very swanky career as the Creative Director of a major company to take control of her life, and give herself a chance to follow her passions.

Born in the soulful city Kiev “Keev”(U-kraine), she came to New York in 1989 with my 2.5-month-old baby, her then-husband, 2 suitcases (with mostly baby stuff), about $25 in cash, big dreams and a lot of passion for life.

She has had a really cool career in fashion and now has combined her passions into the jewelry design business, Untamed Hearts.

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