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Last Updated On April 12, 2019
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The link you accessed is trying to connect with an old link, created prior to our new security measures.

Since we have updated this information on our end, you are receiving the error message because the links are cached on your computer.

The error message is triggering because all website pages are cached -this is like taking a picture of the website and saving it to your computer- it is expecting it to look the same. Most websites rarely change so this is a valid technique for accessing websites.

We are updating these links as we find them, please submit the link and where you click it to info@findvendorbooths.com, with Subject line: Error Message.

In the meantime, we recommend to keep from seeing this error message further:

Clear your browser cache.

Here are steps you can do:

If you are using Chrome, here are the instructions.
If you are using FireFox, here are the instructions.
If you are using Microsoft Edge, here are the instructions.
If you are using Internet Explorer, here are the instructions.

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