How to Up your Booth Experience Storytelling through Imagery

How to Up your Booth Experience Storytelling through Imagery

Archd - The Sister Team of Kristen & Lindsey Arch

In this episode, host Gina Davis guests are the sister team, Kristen & Lindsey Archer. They will discuss creating a booth experience with storytelling through imagery. Kristen & Lindsey share their expertise as part-time exhibitors making the transition into full-time with their business. They share stories that helped them to successfully build their business, plus the ‘don’t-dos.’

Things you will learn in this episode:
  • Sister Team journey to full-time Entrepreneurs
  • Developing a process and story
  • Up-leveling your booth experience

Connect with Kristen & Lindsey Arch

  • Website: GetArchd
  • Email:
  • Instagram @getarchd
  • Facebook @getarchd

Kristen & Lindsey the sister team owners of ARCHd, create handmade home decor on wood and marble using an image transfer process. The images you see on their art are original photography taken by Kristen and original designs created by Lindsey. Their home decor is fe-min-ine and often conveys messages about empowering women. They recently transitioned from working a 9-5, to build ARCHd into a full-time business. In addition to creating handmade home decor, they also offer video, photography and design services to help other creatives tell their story

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