Event Marketing

Event Marketing

How to Plan a Successful Vendor Fair (even when you aren’t selling physical products)

Whether your are using Vendor Fair’s to sell your crafts or if you don’t sell physical products, you need to plan your event in advance. All types of Vendor Booths are created in order to connect with customers to sell services and/or promote your brand. If planned correctly they can be a very strong customer connection event:

If you decide to attend a Vendor Fair, you will need to do the following prior to the event.  

  • Identify your goals.
  • Identify your target market. Will they attend this Vendor Fair? If not, you may need to find a different event.
  • Plan your follow-up (yes, before you attend your event!)

Identify your goals:

  • What do you hope to achieve at this Vendor Fair? When you have your goals identified in advance you can attain them.  Do you plan to sell services? Do you plan to make contacts? Do you plan to create Brand awareness?  You need to write down your goals so you can make a plan to succeed.
  • If Brand marketing is one of your goals, this cannot be the onlyobjective for your business at the Vendor Fair.  In order to make it successful, you will connect with your target audience one-on-one. Your plan should also include a follow-up strategy.

Identify your target market:

  • You should already know your target market. If you don’t then it is imperative that you deal with this right now.  This form may be helpful in identifying your target market.

Plan your follow-up:

  • Your plan should also include a retargeting* strategy (also known as a follow-up strategy.)
  • Once a potential customer expresses an interest in your product or service, then your goal is to collect their information in order to continue the conversation after the event. Yes, you may be making some phone calls…
  • Most consumers make a buying decision during the 5 – 12 times they see or interact with your brand. Have your plan written and ready prior to the event.
    • Retargeting your target audience is the terminology used in digital marketing. It is often used like this when you visit a website (let’s call this ABC website) later when you are on Facebook or another website you will see an ad for the ABC website. That is the essence of retargeting.
  • Once the plan is complete you are ready to attend the Vendor Fair.  You will then collect information from your target market and retarget those connections in order to promote your business and make sales.
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