Booth Set-up Directly Affects Your Bottom Line

Booth Set-up Directly Affects Your Bottom Line

Lessons from the eWomen Network Conference 2019 - #1

Business Coach Gina Davis attended the eWomen Network Conference in Frisco, Texas from July 30 to August 4th. Apart from the excellent business advice and business knowledge she acquired, she took the time to look at the Vendor Fair.

Of the many Vendors present, she looked specifically at two Jewelry booths. Both did a great job and great business, but one stood out. “This one booth stands out as excellent because of the set-up and the way the vendors are working the booth,” she said.

“One vendor had the tables along the back of the booth, with  the jewelry displayed nicely. The two persons working the booth were engaged with customers the entire time and constantly helping people asking what they liked. The lighting was good and the colors were soft and professional looking.”

“The second jewelry vendor worked the booth by herself. She had the tables in front of her and had space in the back for herself and a chair.  She was friendly and helpful but the table put a barrier between her and her customers and many people, while interested, did not engage her and walked away.” 

Gina continued pointing at the second booth. “She also has a very attractive booth and lovely pieces to sell. Your booth set-up and your customer engagement can make a huge difference in your profit.”

The booth owner is at the back of the booth. The table with no one in front makes it a place to stop and chat.  But no one is looking at the product!

Gina finished by pointing out that people pay a lot of money to be in these fairs.  “There is no reason to let your set-up rob you of profit,” she said.

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