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Activation Marketing – Set Yourself Apart from the Crowd with Sandra Yancey

Secondary Title In this episode, host Gina Davis's’ guest is Sandra Yancey, eWomen Network. The latest buzz around innovating the exhibitor space is by upping the ‘customer

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Interviews from Memphis Wedding Show July 2019

Our interviews today are with the Event Organizer, Kirk Houston and one of his vendor, Michelle Honnen In this episode, host Gina Davis was out at a local wedding show. Here

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Earn More Sales at Festival, Fairs & Expos

Our guest today, David Gross talks shares with us: How to earn more sales. In this episode, host Gina Davis guest is David Gross. They will discuss how to earn more sales at

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How to Grow an Untypical Business with Vendor Booth Event Marketing

Direct Sales, Non-Profits, Untypical Business that grow their business using the marketing strategy, Vendor Booth Event Marketing. In this episode, host Gina Davis and cohost

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How to Follow-up After Your Event for Tried & True Results with Wanda Allen

How to effectively follow-up with potential clients from every festival, fair & expo In this episode, host Gina Davis’ guest is Wanda Allen. They will discuss effective

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Learn One Book Authors Approach to Creating Profit with Tammie Polk

Listen in as successful author, Tammie Polk tells us how she works the vendor booth circuit.Hello glad you stopped in.My conversation with Tammie was so good, it ran over the allotted time. I didn’t

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Energetics of Working a Vendor Booth

The 5 Keys to Serenity & Energy at Your Next Vendor Booth Event In this episode, host Gina Davis’ guest is Pam Yates. They will discuss the keys to having energy all day

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Local Vendor Booth Exhibitor Interviews April in Arlington 2019

Find out what locals love about April in Arlington In this episode, host Gina Davis shares questions and interviews with our target audience, makers, business owners, and direct

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6 Tips for Branding Cohesion at Festival, Fairs, Expos, etc.

Developing your brand cohesion In this episode, host Gina Davis and guest Pat Patterson of Engage Brand Marketing discuss branding at festivals, fairs, expos, etc. These

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Preparing for Your Next Festival

Best Tips & Goals to Prepare for Your Next Festival In this episode, your host Gina Davis covers what to do to prepare for your next festival day. She will cover the 3 reasons

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