About Us

Gina DavisHi, I am Gina Davis

This concept began in January 2015.

Because I know as business owners we never have enough time, this was an easy decision for me. Implementing it was another thing.

How it Began:

In January 2015, I realized I was spending a LOT of time looking for events to brand my business. Shortly after that, a client asked me to help him locate community festivals and fairs for his expensive mobile showroom. It was gathering dust because he lacked time to spend finding vendor spots at local events. During that first year, as my list grew, I shared them with several other clients. At the end of the year, I looked down and realized I had over 100+ events in the Greater Memphis area.

Find Vendor Booths was born. For a brief time, it was a part of Custom Growth Group. Nevertheless, it was always my intention for it to be its own entity on a dedicated website with the goal of expanding into other cities.

We are not there yet. If you are interested in this idea for your area I recommend you sign up for the Find Vendor Booths Newsletter to get the latest updates and also let us know what other cities are relevant to you.


Find Vendor Booth’s is a subsidiary of Custom Growth Group LLC.

Gina Davis – Business & Marketing Coach and Consultant; Speaker; Event Strategist – head over to Gina’s About me page for more details.

Hire Gina to work with you on growing your business.  Areas of specialties include and are not limited to:

  • Business Coach – here we start with the basics of growth in your business; setting goals, establishing foundational pieces and strategies to help your companies progression. In particular, a plan of action that moves your company in the direction of growth.
  • Business & Marketing Coach and Training – here the goal is to help you keep your marketing in-house until you are ready to hire a Marketing Agency.
  • Marketing Consultant – here the goal is to establish a marketing strategy for your business. Also, Gina will represent you when you start looking at Marketing Agency, making sure conversation are in layman terms.
  • Project Manager – here the goal is to take your marketing strategy and implement in conjunction with the different marketing entities your firm might use.

Get your complimentary consultation. By the end of the call, you will know whether we are a good fit to grow your business.

Otherwise, if you have questions or contacts, send us a message.