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FindVendorBooths.com is the newest tool for you to take your vendor booth business to the next level. Not only do we list festivals in your area, we also recognize that you are a business professional and we help you grow your business while you use festivals as your “go to” customer-facing sales venue. 

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FindVendorBooths.com is the brainchild of Professional Business Coach Gina Davis. As she coached business owners over the years she helped many of them use vendor booths both for direct selling and for customer acquisition and relationship building.

As they prepared for fairs and festivals, she saw the need for a time-saving tool to help other business professionals get to market quickly and easily.  FindVendorBooths.com takes the struggle out of this necessary business step.

FindVendorBooths.com is growing daily. Each event is vetted by hand and entered into our database.  Since we are new to the market we are covering the Memphis and Mid-South area first, and will expand outward. If you want your market covered sooner, please drop us a line. We love our customers and are interested in serving you.

Gina Davis

Founder / CEO

Gina Davis has been a successful Business Coach in the Memphis area for over 15 years. Her business, Custom Growth Group LLC., has helped many people solidify their marketing and business strategies as they navigate the business world. She teaches basic business skills, goal setting, foundational work, and how to create a plan of action.  She helps clients establish a marketing strategy and hire the appropriate agencies to help businesses advance. 

Gina is currently offering her expertise to members of FindVendorBooths.com through worksheets, podcasts and classes.   

I have been associated with Gina Davis for several years through a referral group, BNI, and she has always focused on moving the group forward. She participates in many of the activities and is dedicated to the BNI community. She has a strong knowledge base in social media and is an asset to BNI.

Leah Anne Morse

I felt the need to share my insights and gratitude for all that Gina does. She is an amazing networker and asset to any organization from her paid services to her newsletter the people and companies I have met because of her newsletter have been helpful to my business model.

Christopher C. Bulin

Find Vendor Booths Team

Pat Patterson

Brand Manager

Curt Freeman

Tech/Web Development Lead

Paula Milner

Program & Processes Asst.

DeAmber Bernard


Amanda Austin

Social Media

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