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How to Grow an Untypical Business with Vendor Booth Event Marketing

Direct Sales, Non-Profits, Untypical Business that grow their business using the marketing strategy, Vendor Booth Event Marketing.

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In this episode, host Gina Davis and cohost Pat Patterson, share 4 untypical business successfully using vendor booth event marketing to grow their business. Hear about an author/coach, a direct salesperson, a non-profit & a remodeler and how they successfully developed a system to generate leads and make sales.

Things you will learn in this episode:
  • The importance of know your target audience
  • How demographic plays an important part
  • Attracting attention
Resources mentioned in this episode:

Check out Tammie's podcast, she was the author/maker/coach mentioned.

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About the Author Gina Davis

Everything I do is with the belief that you must show your clients you care. This continues to resonate with me. I believe that it is the cornerstone of business growth today. My mission is to work with busy people in business on their growth strategy, by helping them build customer recognition, foster loyalty and increase customer retention and referrals.

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