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How to Follow-up After Your Event for Tried & True Results with Wanda Allen

How to effectively follow-up with potential clients from every festival, fair & expo

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In this episode, host Gina Davis’ guest is Wanda Allen. They will discuss effective follow-up practices. Learn great tips for a follow-up process/system for your sales strategy. Wanda’s tips come from tried & true results for effective follow-up at each and every event.

Things you will learn in this episode:
  • Why do people struggle with follow up work?
  • If you have a lot of follow up work to do, how do you manage it?
  • How do you find the time to follow up with an already full schedule?
  • What are 2 actions our listeners can implement to get the most out of their booth?
  • What should I do with prospects I haven’t followed up with?
  • How many times should I follow up?
  • Plus, much more.
Great Quotes from the Podcast:
Using a CRM consistently will change your business life and when your business changes your life changes. ~Wanda Allen quote

Connect with today's Guest, Wanda Allen:

Wanda Allen Follow Up Sales Strategies

Wanda Allen is a national speaker, coach, author, and award-winning business owner. She's the author of Follow Up Savvy and Follow Up Sales Strategies.  After leaving a 25-year corporate career, Wanda founded her business, Follow Up Sales Strategies.  She has a strong skill set for developing systems and applied this skill to the follow up process.  She's an expert in helping her clients increase pipelines, improve sales performance and strengthen relationships by developing strong follow up skills.   What she teaches is tried, tested and proven.

About the Author Gina Davis

Everything I do is with the belief that you must show your clients you care. This continues to resonate with me. I believe that it is the cornerstone of business growth today. My mission is to work with busy people in business on their growth strategy, by helping them build customer recognition, foster loyalty and increase customer retention and referrals.

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