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Learn One Book Authors Approach to Creating Profit with Tammie Polk

Listen in as successful author, Tammie Polk tells us how she works the vendor booth circuit.

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Hello glad you stopped in.

My conversation with Tammie was so good, it ran over the allotted time. I didn’t want to take out one minute much less 7 minutes. Here it is in its entirety in two episodes.


Episode 1:


Episode 2:

Episode summary here

Things you will learn in this episode:

  • Choosing Events where your target audience will be attending
  • The List - what you should have for every event
  • What you need to ask the event organizer
  • Other vendor relationship building
  • A secret to finding your next event
  • What to do with leftover materials

Connect with today's Guest, Tammie Polk

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Guest Bio:

Tammie Polk is an author, speaker, bookstore owner, and coach for professionally sassy businesswomen who understand that personal and professional development are a part of self-care!

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Everything I do is with the belief that you must show your clients you care. This continues to resonate with me. I believe that it is the cornerstone of business growth today. My mission is to work with busy people in business on their growth strategy, by helping them build customer recognition, foster loyalty and increase customer retention and referrals.

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