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Local Vendor Booth Exhibitor Interviews April in Arlington 2019

find vendor booth exhibitor interviews

Find out what locals love about April in Arlington

In this episode, host Gina Davis shares questions and interviews with our target audience, makers, business owners, and direct sales exhibitors. Find Vendor Booths visited with local vendor booth exhibitors interviews April in Arlington 2019 festival.

We hope this will be the first of many interview podcast. Also in the episode we have our first Q&A session.

Things you will learn in this episode:


During our Q&A, these questions are answered:

  1. Would setting up a booth at local events be a good marketing model for me? How many do I need to attend to make it profitable for me?
  2. How do I easily attract people to my booth?
  3. I went to an event and found that my booth was in a horrible place. What can I do?


Business Tip from Gina Davis, Business & Marketing Adviser, Coach & Consultant

  • Best practices for preparing for your next festival, fair or expo.


Interviews took place at a local festival in the Greater Mid-South area, April in Arlington, Arlington TN in April 2019. We interviewed two makers and one direct saleswoman.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

A local marketplace was mentioned:

Painted Tree Marketplace, Memphis, TN

Several other upcoming festival, fairs & expos where mentioned. We recommend becoming part of the Find Vendor Booths community. As a member you have access to over 160+ through out the year.  Membership and finding your next event is just a few clicks away.

Thanks to my video and audio guy, Trevor Day of River Surge Productions.


Courtney Reason, CR Studio

Haley Wilson, Chrisman Creations

Amanda Morgan, Mary Kay

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Everything I do is with the belief that you must show your clients you care. This continues to resonate with me. I believe that it is the cornerstone of business growth today. My mission is to work with busy people in business on their growth strategy, by helping them build customer recognition, foster loyalty and increase customer retention and referrals.

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