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Preparing for Your Next Festival

preparing next festival

Best Tips & Goals to Prepare for Your Next Festival

In this episode, your host Gina Davis covers what to do to prepare for your next festival day. She will cover the 3 reasons why people set up vendor space and what goals are critical to having a profitable day.

Things you will learn in this episode:
  • Common objectives for business who set up vendor space:
    • Building Visibility and Credibility
    • Selling a Product
    • Acquiring Leads
  • Establishing parameters for these objectives.
  • Setting up a review process.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Goal setting articles, by Gina Davis

Goal Setting Template – The Anatomy of a Good Goal

Reflection – Goal Setting, the Process of Reviewing

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Your host: Gina Davis

About the Author Gina Davis

Everything I do is with the belief that you must show your clients you care. This continues to resonate with me. I believe that it is the cornerstone of business growth today. My mission is to work with busy people in business on their growth strategy, by helping them build customer recognition, foster loyalty and increase customer retention and referrals.

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  • James Greene says:

    Thanks Gina that was very helpful! Especially the part about establishing Clear goals pertaining to a specific event such as target audience and Return on Investment

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