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A New Resource for Vendor Space Launches in the Greater Memphis Area

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A New Vendor Space Resources for Makers, Artisan, Business Owners & Non-profits

In this episode, Find Vendor Booths, CEO & Founder, Gina Davis and Team Leaders, Pat Patterson & Melissa Mescher reveal a new vendor space resource for businesses with product and services that find their target audience at local festival, fairs and expos. The discussion covers:

Things you will learn in this episode:
  • What is Find Vendor Booths
  • Our why
  • How does it work
  • Why it's relevant to you
Resources mentioned in this episode:
  • Melissa Mescher, MSM Biz Solutions
    Connect with Melissa
  • Pat Patterson, Engage Brand Marketing
    Connect with Pat:


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Host: Gina

Hello! We are so happy you are here today.

Today’s conversation ‘What the heck is Find Vendor Booths’. We are going to share -What Find Vendor Booths is, how it got started and how it works and why it’s relevant to you. 

Today’s guests are Pat Patterson and Melissa Mescher, and I am your host - Gina Davis.

We have a great show for you today and I would like to start by sharing a little about each of my guests today.

I invited Pat & Melissa today because they are Find Vendor Booths Marketing and Event Research Team Leaders and really have the pulse of Find Vendor Booths. Additionally, both have their own business and do work independent of the projects for FVB.

Pat is a Brand development and Marketing consultant, with Engage Brand Marketing; he is assisting me in our Brand development and overall marketing efforts for Find Vendor Booths -Tell us more how you are assisting Find Vendor Booths?

Guest: Pat:

I’m helping Gina with a number of specific projects related to Find Vendor Booths.

We started with a design refresh on her logo and brand identity and then worked very closely with Gina to fine tune the content and design for a relaunch of  her updated website in 2018. Beyond that I’ve also designed and handled the production of some printed marketing materials for distribution and done some work on her Facebook ad campaign. Besides actual design work I am also responsible for keeping all of Find Vendor Booths’s marketing efforts consistent and on brand.

Now I’d like to introduce Melissa Mescher, Melissa is a Marketing & Personal Assistant with MSM Biz Solutions. She is heading up the Event Research team and has spent the last year learning the ins and outs of acquiring events for the event list our members access.

Melissa, Tell us more about how you are assisting Find Vendor Booths?

Guest: Melissa:

I have been gathering event info details and contacts thru the web and using that info to build our event list. I was also able to attend a couple of events last year and learn more about makers & artisan’s 1st hand.

Gina is a Business & Marketing Coach, Consultant, and Advisory. Gina,  -Tell us what you do and who you serve?

Gina: I am the founder and visionary for Find Vendor Booths. I make sure all the departments are running smoothly and on occasion get my hands in the day-to-day operation. I currently part of the team that mix and mingles at local events & meetings to introduce and educate about the resource Find Vendor Booths and how it’s relevant to them.

Pat, Melissa - Thanks for sharing a little bit about yourself. If you are interested in learning more about our Guest today check out the links below.

Let’s get started.

Melissa, what do you feel is our most asked question?

Melissa: That would be, ‘What is findvendorbooths.com?’   Find Vendor booths.com is a website to guide Vendors, Artists, Makers and Shakers to the best local events for their products and services.

Pat, is there anything you would like to add?

Pat: That’s right Melissa… the real benefit of Find Vendor Booths is that really saves people a lot of time in their search for the best events for their business or service. This gives you more time to focus on all of the other elements of running your business.

Gina, tell us how Find Vendor Booths got started?

Gina: It was really interesting, I had a client come to me with a request for help getting his expensive mobile showroom into local festival, fairs & expos. He stated he did not have time and need help.  I spent the next year working with him and at the end of that year I realized I had over a hundred events here in the local area.

I begin to wonder if there was something to this list so I did my due diligence asked people that setup vendor space and found I was getting a resounding yes. 

Realizing the potential, I spent the better part of next month, getting up on website myself. Finally realizing I was not going to be able to take this company to an international million-dollar company if I didn't get assistance. That's when I reached out and hired Pat and Melissa.

Next, Pat - Melissa - would you share, ‘Why did Find Vendor Booths appeal to you? What grabbed you in the beginning?

Pat:  I have watched and been amazed by the wave of entrepreneurs from all types of backgrounds find their passion to work from home or studios on their “side hustles” in order to do what they are really meant to do. Find Vendor Booths is a unique resource for all local and regional artisans, craft people, makers and shakers out there that are in search of events and festivals that offer vendor booths. I love the idea that we are providing a much needed solution to a very time consuming aspect of their businesses which is finding the best events for them all in one convenient source.  

Melissa, tells us why Find Vendor Booths appealed to you?

Melissa: I didn't know I am a pioneer in the Gig Economy. After working for others for 30 years. I took the leap to work for myself by helping others who don’t want to hire a full time employee to grow their business. 

Gig Economy is a Free Market System-where you fill Temporary positions with -independent contractors for short term. Looks like I am riding the wave of the future. That is what attracted  me to Find Vendor Booths, helping Gina put her plan into place to create a one stop website with current and useful event information.

I discovered that 150 million American and Western Europeans have left organized jobs. By 2020 40% of the American Workers will be Independent Contractors. I am so glad I am getting an early start.

Gina: We explored in this segment 'What is Find Vendor Booths?' In the next segment we will explore 'Why it's relevant to you?'


Gina: Have you enjoyed our conversation so far. In this segment, we talked about ‘Why’ we created FVB. After this quick break, we are going to explore ‘Why it’s relevant to you.’

Let’s talk about who is the FVB target audience?

Pat: Our target market is anyone interested in saving time and money in their search for local and regional fairs, festivals and expos that would best suit their business or services. That would include makers, artisans, business owners and non profit organizations who are looking for these types of events.

Gina: Thanks Pat, that is so on point. Next I want to talk about, How Find Vendor Booths works.

We are NOT LIKE EventBrite - We are the Vendor Advocate, that said we serve vendors helping them find the events they need. We do this through a list of local events - 12 month access -- all online on one website, for a low annual investment, that saves you time, energy and money.

We been in these trenches for about a year now. Pat, share with them how find vendor booths works?

Pat: Subscription website for one low annual price they gain access to complete list of events in the local area. Save so much time from the laborious task of endless searching for events.

Gina, in your opinion why this is relevant to our audience.

Gina: As I explained in ‘How Find Vendor Booths got started. I had actually been doing this for a while. There is nothing so boring spending time going from site to site searching for your next event when that time could be more effectively used elsewhere growing your business.

I'm not saying it's not relevant to do this, what we want to do at Find Vendor Booths is take this boring task off your hands. Particularly when locating events is like fishing in the ocean and you have no idea where to fish.

We are focused on serving makers, artisans, representatives of health & wellness, beauty & other product based sales, service-oriented companies, like insurance, lawn service, home services, community banks and informational and non-profit type organizations, such as churches, red cross, etc. Letting them focus on what they need to do to keep making money and take this boring task off of their hands.

When you subscribe to Find Vendor Booths, we’ve designed this Event list so that it serves you by making available to you specific information that you need to make the decision about your next event.

Melissa is as I mentioned before, she is in charge of the event research. One of the areas that she's helped me develop are the categories on the event list.

Melissa, share with us more about the categories?

Melissa: Categories are very important. You want to know who's going to be at the event, who you're going to serve and your products reach. A few of our categories are

Mom’s, business, outdoors, ethnic, music and many more that you can find in festivals, fairs, and expos that are going on in your area.

Gina: As we said these are local events. We concentrate on local on our list. We feel that is critical in the growth of your business.

Let's continue talking about how it's relevant to the audience. In particular, what kinds of information would be available on the Event list.

Back to Melissa tell us a little bit about the information that we provide them so that our audience doesn’t have to figure it out.

Melissa: Definitely Gina, what we're proving is the One-Stop place that they can find the event, the date of the event, who is organizing it, their email information and even the link to the vendor application. We just wanted it to be a simple process, that way they get in quickly and find the event they want to go to. They will know where to go click & sign up and they're done.

Pat: I like to add one thing, that I think it's valuable and relevant to our target audience. Our list is available 12 months out of the year. The event season can be kind of seasonable, if you will, but our list is available to subscribers throughout the year. Which gives them the advantage of finding the best events in a timely fashion. 

Gina: Talking about the ‘seasons’ is probably a really good idea; even though we do this give our subscribers 12-month access events are very seasonable.

Melissa what months have the most this year?

Melissa: Those would be March April May June July and right now April is really popping for this year.

Gina: I know in the fall last year events in September and October each had approx 50 events. This lead to us having 164 events in 2018. 

Our event list is set up with 12-month access, but I do want to caution, that we're at the mercy of the event organizers. What we have found is typically they put their events up in that three to six months before their events going to happen, unless that it is a big event, like the Home show and that information goes up as far as a year in advance.

At lot of times, new subscribers, we ask, ‘Why is there only 6 months of events?’

We tell them, that's because we only add information that is current and available.

Our schedule for posting events is at the beginning of the month and then again around mid-month, depending on the availability of new information.

Is there anything else about the seasons, that we missed that is relevant for our audience?

Pat: I don't know about that Gina, but I happen to know there's an event coming up for Find Vendor Booths. Why don’t you tell everyone a little bit about that? 

Gina: Currently, we're only in the Memphis area but our goal is to move into regional cities and ultimately internationally.  Our first open house is going to be April 2nd, 2019, in the Greater Memphis, TN area. I recommend, if you listen to this later, to view our posted calendar of Find Vendor Booths Open Houses and Networking Events everywhere. 

That winds us up for today. We talked about Find Vendor Booths, what it is, how it serves you and how it is relevant to you. Check out links to anything we discussed today.

Our next podcast topic, Having Goals and planning for each of your events This podcast will be out mid-April 2019.

Have a great week growing your business and looking forward to next time.

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